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#include <config.h>

//#include "qterm.h"
#include <Python.h>

#include <qmainwindow.h>
#include <qcursor.h>

#include <qthread.h>

#include "qtermparam.h"
#include "qtermconvert.h"
#include "qtermsound.h"

class QTermTextLine;
class QTermScreen;
class QTermTelnet;
class QTermDecode;
class QTermBuffer;
class QTermFrame;
class QTermBBS;
class popWidget;
class QTermZmodem;
class QTermWindow;
class zmodemDialog;
class QProgressDialog;
class QTermHttp;
class QTermIPLocation;
class PageViewMessage;
class QProgressBar;

// thread copy article
class QTermDAThread : public QThread

      virtual void run();
      QCString cstrArticle;
      QTermWindow *pWin;

class QTermWindow: public QMainWindow
      QTermWindow( QTermFrame * frame,QTermParam param, int addr=-1, QWidget* parent = 0, 
                              const char* name = 0, int wflags =0 );
      void connectHost();
      bool isConnected() { return m_bConnected; }

public slots:
      // ui
      void copy();
      void paste();
      void copyArticle();
      void font();
      void setting();
      void color();
      void runScript();
      void stopScript();
      void showStatusBar(bool);
      void reconnect();
      void sendParsedString(const char*);
      void showIP();
      void disconnect();
      void refresh();
      void viewMessages();
      void autoReply();
      void antiIdle();

      void runScriptFile(const QCString&);
      void externInput(const QCString&);
      QCString stripWhitespace(const QCString& cstr);
      void getHttpHelper(const QString&, bool);

protected slots:
      // from QTermTelnet
      void readReady(int);
      void TelnetState(int);
      void ZmodemState(int,int,const QCString&);
      // timer
      void idleProcess();
      void replyProcess();
      void blinkTab();
      void inputHandle(QString * text);

      //http menu
      void previewLink();
      void openLink();
      void copyLink();
      void saveLink();
      // httpDone
      void httpDone(QObject*);

      // decode
      void setMouseMode(bool);

      void mouseDoubleClickEvent( QMouseEvent * );
      void mouseMoveEvent( QMouseEvent * );
      void mousePressEvent( QMouseEvent * );
      void mouseReleaseEvent( QMouseEvent * );
      void wheelEvent( QWheelEvent * );
      void enterEvent( QEvent * );
      void leaveEvent( QEvent * );
      void customEvent( QCustomEvent * );
      void imStartEvent (QIMEvent *);
      void imComposeEvent (QIMEvent *);
      void imEndEvent (QIMEvent *);

      void reconnectProcess();
      void connectionClosed();
      void doAutoLogin();
      void saveSetting();     
      void replyMessage();
      void pasteHelper(bool);
      QCString unicode2bbs(const QString&);

      QCString parseString( const QCString&, int *len=0);
      QString fromBBSCodec(const QCString& cstr);

      #ifdef HAVE_PYTHON
      bool pythonCallback(const QString &, PyObject*);
      int runPythonFile(const char*);
      void pythonMouseEvent(int, ButtonState, ButtonState, const QPoint&, int);
      void closeEvent ( QCloseEvent * );
      void keyPressEvent( QKeyEvent * );
      void sendMouseState(int, ButtonState, ButtonState, const QPoint&);
      QTermScreen * m_pScreen;
      QTermDecode * m_pDecode;
      QPopupMenu *  m_pMenu;
      QPopupMenu *  m_pUrl;
      static char direction[][5];
    QCursor cursor[9];
      bool m_bConnected;

      QTermConvert m_converter;
      bool m_bMessage;
      QString m_strMessage;

      // mouse select
      QPoint m_ptSelStart, m_ptSelEnd;    
      bool m_bSelecting;

      // timer
      bool m_bIdling;
      QTimer *m_idleTimer, *m_replyTimer, *m_tabTimer, *m_reconnectTimer, * m_ipTimer;
      // address setting
      bool m_bSetChanged;
      int m_nAddrIndex;

      bool m_bDoingLogin;
      bool m_bCheckIP;

      // url rect
      QRect m_rcUrl;

      popWidget *m_popWin;

      // download article thread
      QTermDAThread *m_pDAThread;

      // python 
      PyObject *pModule, *pDict;
      bool m_bPythonScriptLoaded;
      // play sound
      QTermSound * m_pSound;
      QTermZmodem *m_pZmodem;

      zmodemDialog *m_pZmDialog;

      // Decode
      bool m_bMouseX11;

      //IP location
      QString location;
      QTermIPLocation * m_pIPLocation;

      PageViewMessage * m_pMessage;

      bool m_bMouseClicked;
      QTermFrame * m_pFrame;
      QTermBuffer * m_pBuffer;
      QTermTelnet * m_pTelnet;
      QTermParam m_param;
      QTermBBS    * m_pBBS;
      // menu and toolbar state
      bool m_bCopyColor;
      bool m_bCopyRect;
      bool m_bAutoCopy;
      bool m_bWordWrap;
      bool m_bAntiIdle;
      bool m_bAutoReply;
      bool m_bBeep;
      bool m_bMouse;
      bool m_bReconnect;
      friend class QTermScreen;
      QString m_strPythonError;

      QWaitCondition m_wcWaiting;


#endif      //QTERMWINDOW_H

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